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AMPS Marketing Club

What is AMPS?

The Alliance of Marketing Professionals and Students is BYU–Hawaii's marketing club. It is a professional organization that attracts and empowers students interested in marketing by providing a forum for increasing marketing knowledge, skills, and experience, plus facilitating networking between marketing students and professionals.

What Do We Do?

AMPS sponsors guest speakers, participates in marketing projects with real businesses, holds activities, organizes field trips, and promotes the field of sales and marketing. The club builds a network of alumni and marketing professionals who can share knowledge, mentor students, and provide internship and career opportunities. Every winter semester, AMPS sponsors the annual Marketing Week which has become the campus event of the year with professional development seminars, social activities, and exciting team competitions with great prizes.

Prepare students for successful careers in marketing by sharpening marketing knowledge and skills, and building meaningful relationships with fellow students and business professionals.

Who Should Join?

  • Business management and HTM students who specialize in marketing.
  • Any student who is interested in business, marketing, retailing, sales, entrepreneurship.
  • Faculty, staff, and alumni who are interested in marketing.
  • Marketing professionals who want to support BYU–Hawaii students and help build a network.