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Three Reasons Why You Need a Sales Funnel Strategy

Knowing how the journey goes from start to end can help you to guide your customers more effectively.

In the business it is world known that risk will be a part of your journey. Creating a sales funnel strategy could be your best bet to minimizing risk and creating a profitable business. In marketing, a sales funnel is used to push your target customer through their customer journey, thereby increasing sales and retention.

For those who are unfamiliar with the marketing sales funnel, take a look here at our simple breakdown of a simple sales funnel.

Knowing Your Customers Can Increase Leads:

According to an article on the sales funnel on the website Keap, “For your sales funnel to exist, you first need prospects who can move through that funnel. Once you have those prospects, you can track behavior and engagement using lead scoring to identify where they are in the funnel.” Creating your target persona is the first step in the sales funnel process. From there and on, your job is to push the user through each step of the funnel. Without a sales funnel marketing strategy, you can be losing out on a valuable formula for success. Think of all the data that Facebook, Google, Instagram, and Youtube receive through tracking and then think of the data that you could be receiving as you list products online, make sales, and connect with customers. When you don’t have a sales funnel strategy, you miss out on reaching your ideal customer! When Instagram pulls up an ad for you that is directly tailored to your needs and wants, wouldn’t you rather spend money on those wants and interests than it would be if they showed you an ad you hate? Think back to times when you were younger and watched TV. Ads would come on the television left and right, but were you ever interested in them all? This is actually a huge reason why advertising on TV has become so competitive. It is so hard to reach your target client if you are not aware of their behaviors and target wants and needs. Creating a sales funnel strategy can help you fix that.

Simple Goals Bring Success

Tommy Griffith of the online digital marketing agency Clickminded knew what he was talking about when he said, “The advantage of using a sales funnel when designing your digital marketing strategy is that you get a simple and straightforward set of goals that you need to hit. Building a powerful sales funnel means picking the right tactics at each stage of the funnel to hit those goals.” Having a sales funnel strategy as part of your overall marketing plan will bring your business power through small and simple goals. It might seem like a big ask to figure out how to make a sale from start to finish, but knowing how one customer makes it through the funnel will allow you to recreate that experience for future customers. Once you know your target audience you can figure out what will get each and every one of them to the next step in the funnel. All of a sudden the process seems simpler and easier to accomplish.  

Your Company Will be Value-driven

Customer relationship management is a huge part of modern business. To survive as a business, your every move should be tailored to what your customer needs and wants. With a sales funnel strategy, you can skip the work of trying to convince and go straight to providing your customers exactly what they want and need. Consumers in this day and age crave value-driven products and strategies, and luckily for you, they will keep coming back for more if you deliver them just that. When you have a sales funnel strategy, each step of the customer journey becomes about what value-driven step you need your customer to take. Value-driven strategies add credibility to your company and make you an expert in the market you are in. 

There are many reasons why creating a sales funnel strategy can be so important, but we hope that you take into consideration these three incredible insights as you debate your next step in your marketing plan.