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bdigital - Our Students

Our students come from various countries and backgrounds across the world. Read how they can bring an international perspective to your growing brand.

Meet the Team

Rina Hirano

March 27, 2024 04:32 PM
Rina is a Japanese student who has been studying in Hawaii since January 2022. She is a person who sympathizes, is positive, and outgoing. Rina has experience as a member of the Club Leadership Specialist for Student Leadership & Service at BYUH. After graduation, Rina plans to find a career that incorporates both marketing and video editing. Her dream job is to work on a flexible schedule and in different places, such as remote work, to get time to learn, and try new things!

John Warne

March 27, 2024 04:33 PM
John is a senior at BYUH, graduating in business management with a marketing concentration. With a passion for business management, marketing and surfing, John started his own business that embodies all three of these things. Through this, he has been able to gain real world experience in marketing that he is excited about using in the future.

James Adams

March 27, 2024 04:37 PM
James Adams is currently a student from Utah with a knack for marketing, sales, and clinical research. He is aiming to get his foot into the world of medical device sales. When he's not working, you will find him out on the golf course, in the ocean surfing, or handing out "L's" on the pickleball court.

Irish Wolfe

March 27, 2024 04:38 PM
Irish Wolfe, from Anchorage, Alaska, majoring in Marketing and minoring in Psychology and Spanish, graduating in Spring 2024. She comes from a family of marketers that all work in different areas, so she has always had a passion for it. She is proficient in Excel and Canva with lots of background in customer service. She also has lots of leadership experience and is great at encouraging team members.

Yuga Takatori

March 27, 2024 04:41 PM
Yuga Takatori, a senior at Brigham Young University–Hawaii, majoring in Business Management Marketing and minoring in Hawaiian Studies and Health and Human Performance, is an individual with a broad global perspective with extensive leadership experience. He values quality time spent with family and friends. He believes, “We can change the world and make it a better place. It is in our hands to make a difference.”

Olivia Scott

March 27, 2024 04:43 PM
Olivia is a marketing enthusiast with minors in visual arts and psychology. Her skills include graphic design, content creation, canva, and digital photography. She enjoys free-diving with her husband, and creating jewelry out of their ocean finds. She is an entrepreneur and is currently running a small jewelry business. She brings a creative edge to her marketing team with her background in art, and uses compelling imagery to capture her audience. Working as a social-media marketer at the Polynesian Cultural Center along with studying marketing at Brigham Young University–Hawaii, she works hard on her market research to create unique content.

Kaleb Morris

March 27, 2024 04:45 PM
Kaleb Morris is a passionate marketing major at Brigham Young University–Hawaii. Kaleb is from Wyoming, where he guides horseback and fly-fishing experiences in Yellowstone National Park. Kaleb has continued his passion for guiding at Gunstock Ranch, where he continues to cater to guests in the tourist industry. Joining bdigital, Kaleb plans to learn the ins and outs of marketing and advertising in hopes of someday applying these skills to his own company.

Jesse Moncur

March 27, 2024 05:01 PM
Growing up, Jesse Moncur enjoyed active family time with his family in southern Orange County, including running, surfing, ocean activities, and more. He loves working with his hands and developing skills from woodworking to triathlon, photography, and editing. Currently attending Brigham Young University–Hawaii, Jesse studies business management with a concentration on marketing. His minors of choice are health and human performance, film, and entrepreneurship.

Lutz Ling Thiem

March 27, 2024 04:53 PM
Lutz is a senior at BYU–Hawaii majoring in marketing. He is passionate about entrepreneurship, branding, sales, networking, and relationships. His goal for the future is to have a positive impact on people’s lives through his entrepreneurial mind. He is a people's person. He worked for two years as a multipurpose guide at the Polynesian Cultural Center, helping him understand customers and gain skills in customer service, branding, leadership, and operations.

Shan-Ni Liao

March 27, 2024 05:02 PM
Shan-Ni is a sophomore student from Taiwan, majoring in marketing and supply chain with minors in visual art and information technology. She has experience of web design and data analysis. She also has a great passion for photography, designing, and video editing. She believes that creativity can have a huge impact on life.

Eleanor Jorgensen

March 27, 2024 05:07 PM
Eleanor Jorgensen is from Raleigh, North Carolina, and she values hard work and building strong connections with others. Graduating in April 2025, she is currently pursuing a degree in business management with a marketing emphasis and minors in communication and psychology. One reason she loves marketing is because it shows the significance of influencing people. Her work background includes working as a teaching assistant, sales associate and trainer, and in customer relations.

Pollyana Elsie Lois Johnson

March 27, 2024 05:09 PM
Pollyana is a marketing student with more than six years of combined marketing experience with the Polynesian Cultural Center, VelloMedia, and with her own experience freelancing for local private businesses. She has a wide range of skills, with SEO, Copywriting, Google Ads, Paid Social Media, E-Commerce, and Coordination.

Hiroto Inumaki

March 27, 2024 05:10 PM
Hiroto Inumaki, from Japan, is majoring in marketing and accounting and is passionate about data analysis. His proficiency in Excel has equipped him with data-driven sights. He excels at building client relationships on the background of the sales representative. He has a variety of leadership experience and supports others to reach their potential.

Brandon Hoki

March 27, 2024 05:12 PM
Brandon is a senior from Utah who enjoys surfing in his free time. He is pursuing a degree in business management with a specialization in marketing and a minor in Japanese. Along with digital and a diverse range of experiences, Brandon is currently working as a social media specialist for BYUH Career Services. He has a passion for staying up to date with industry trends, and is driven to make a meaningful impact on marketing.

Ellie Hight

March 27, 2024 05:13 PM
Ellie is a marketing student with six years of experience in retail sales. She is from Orem, Utah, and has strong creative and analytical skills. She is majoring in marketing with minors in psychology and communications. She is a marketing intern creating YouTube content for real estate licensing programs.

Jackson Hawkins

March 27, 2024 05:16 PM
Jackson is a dynamic member of the team, from a diverse background in New Jersey, Chicago, and South Carolina. Jackson thrives as a social media marketing expert, reveling in collaborative environments to craft high-quality content. His adventurous spirit extends beyond the digital realm, as he enjoys exploring new places. In his free time, Jackson likes to freedive with his wife or engage in spearfishing adventures. His love for creativity is obvious, making him an invaluable asset to the team. Jackson is known for his quality content and is ready to add a playful twist to any situation when the occasion calls for it.

Cameron Graves

March 27, 2024 05:18 PM
Cameron is a marketing student from Indiana. With various work experience, he has developed skills in social media management, brand development, and advertising. Above all is his skills at leveraging video assets to make any client shine. He has worked in video production for over six years with a variety of clients. He utilizes these skills as the bdigital video asset manager. He believes the goal of creating positivity leads to the best results.

Tristan Charles

March 27, 2024 05:20 PM
Tristan Charles is a senior with a major in business management with an emphasis on marketing. He grew up on the Big Island and has a strong entrepreneurial spirit as he loves building and scaling ideas. He has recently started working on arbitraging social media marketing as he continues his education.

Paulo Awe

March 27, 2024 05:22 PM
Paulo is a talented student majoring in marketing and music and minoring in political science. He is an experienced multimedia specialist, an expert in both video and media production. He is a vital member of BYU–Hawaii's media productions, assisting in creating professional quality audio and video for major events on campus, like Devotional, Culture Night, Christmas Concerts, and more. He is experienced at using complex video and audio editing tools like protools, logic, davinci, and more. With his great experience, he will surely make promotional materials one of the best!

Emily Cano

March 27, 2024 05:24 PM
Emily is a dedicated marketing entrepreneur with expertise in branding and marketing strategy for businesses. She is a senior business management major with skills in canva, Excel, and project management. Emily thrives on collaboration, consistently developing innovative marketing tactics to enhance business performance.
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