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b Digital - Our Students

Our students come from a number of countries and backgrounds. Read how they can bring an international perspective to your growing brand.

Meet the Team

Joy Tang

November 03, 2021 11:08 AM
Joy is a passionate marketing major from Canada who loves to think outside the box. She speaks three languages fluently and loves to work in diverse teams. Joy is a storyteller willing to help your brand find it's voice. She strives to empower your business through data analytics, visualization and strategy. Joy is our part time teammate, full time friend.

Seo JeongHeon

November 03, 2021 11:08 AM
Seo is a marketing student from Korea. With various work experiences from different fields, he developed his skill in customer relationships and marketing research. He believes marketing is something that helps people find their value.

Natasya Haridas

November 03, 2021 11:13 AM
Natasya is from the small island of Singapore and majors in business management with an emphasis in marketing. She finds success in understanding the needs of others and meeting them, and helping them to not only see success but to grow because of it as well.

Davaasuren Myagmarjav

November 03, 2021 11:13 AM
Davaa is a senior student from Mongolia majoring in accounting and business marketing at BYUH. Being here at this university allows me to connect with outstanding students from 70 different places worldwide, which opens my eyes to seeing the world better. I believe, “Success doesn’t just find you! You have to go out and get it.”

Amber Helfrich

November 03, 2021 11:15 AM
Amber Helfrich is a senior with a major in political science and minors in marketing and history. She grew up in Rexburg, Idaho and has done all her college at BYU– Hawaii. She has been working in digital marketing with an emphasis on social media for over two and a half years.

Taffie Kwok

November 03, 2021 11:15 AM
Taffie Kwok from Hong Kong is a senior majoring in communication. She like marketing because of the diversity and creativity it could leave to inspire people’s life and minds. She is passionate on spreading great ideas and making a difference by touching others lives!

Ally Pack

November 03, 2021 11:16 AM
Ally Pack has loved marketing since she was in 5th grade and read a story about a minipreneur girl with a lemonade stand. She is originally from Blackfoot, Idaho, but calls Utah County home as well. She is majoring in marketing and graphic design with minors in entrepreneurship and political science.

Sydney Sears

November 03, 2021 11:16 AM
Sydney is a senior marketing student from all over the world. Having grown up as a third culture kid, she has been able to gain a global perspective living overseas for the majority of her life. Sydney is passionate about helping others through her love of big data analytics and marketing. When she is not in school she loves to travel the world with her husband and eat new cuisines.

Cho Kunjooo

November 03, 2021 11:17 AM
Kun Joo Cho from South Korea is a marketer, illustrator, project manager, and photographer. Cho has full of experience working with people from 40+ different countries, leadership, and team working. He plays with data collecting tools like Qualtrics, data visualization tools like DOMO, Canva, and tableau, and analyzing data tools like SQL. He is a creator and passionate about digital marketing as well. Ready to work with you!

Abigail Anderson

November 03, 2021 11:19 AM
Abigail Anderson is from Long Island, New York with degrees in political science, entrepreneurship and history. Abigail is a social media and email newsletter marketing specialist. Abigail loves marketing because it’s a creative profession that allows her to track success and help build businesses. Abigail is always eager to talk about new opportunities and you can always reach her at her email, unless she’s at the beach.

Kai Winchester

November 03, 2021 11:11 AM
Kai Winchester is from San Diego, California. Majoring in marketing with minors in information technology and Japanese, Kai hopes to utilize his Japanese skills to work with Japanese businesses and help bring new marketing innovations to both the east and west. Kai is passionate about marketing because he loves connecting with people and seeing people get excited about the same things he does.

Seth Meyer

Student photo
Seth Meyer is a likable, fun, and reliable worker. He is from Arizona and Washington and likes to spend time with friends and be competitive. He tries to create fun with any task but knows when to get serious and get the work done. The work completed always exceeds expectations. Seth specializes in a variety of topics but excels in video making and presenting. Seth is like a Nintendo64™ controller. Maybe a bit old school, but something that reliably brings everybody together for a good time.

Alexis Naea

Lexi is an outgoing and creative person who finds joy in making connections with others. She is a senior at BYUH graduating June 2022 in business management with an emphasis in marketing, and loves creating meaningful connections and value through her marketing. Some of Lexi's hobbies are singing, playing video games, and painting. Her artifact is a small stuffed animal in a cow costume: to Lexi, the artifact isn't something that has much importance, but it simply brings her joy.

Zeryck Russon

Student photo
Zeryck Russon is from Temecula, CA. Zeryck grew up spending a lot of his time outdoors and in the ocean. Surfing and hiking are two of his favorite things to do and have helped him become a more relaxed and loving individual. His main background is in customer relations and sales. The main goal of his work is peace of mind; making sure customers receive work and content that is done with quality and care.

Mariah Jones

Student photo
Mariah Jones is a business management major with a focus in marketing and minors in communications and mathematics. She has an analytical mind with creative passions. One of those passions is photography, she believes capturing the essence of a moment is one of the best technological advances of the modern age. Mariah strives to influence the world for good and encourage everyone to see the best in themselves.

Elizabeth Cocker

Student photo
Elizabeth Cocker is a senior student at Brigham Young University–Hawaii with a major in marketing. She's taking the role of a resident advisor which encompasses a wide range of duties but are not limited to administrative, leadership, and conflict resolution. Her life motto was inspired by the famous history of poppy flowers: "Just because others fail, doesn't mean you have to fail too. Anything is possible".

Anthony Arrington

Student photo
Tony is an energetic part of our team from Washington state who loves going on fun adventures and meeting new people. He enjoys hiking, free diving, cars, mountain biking and exploring new places. Something fun about Tony is that he has a blue Uno reverse card that he’s carried in his phone case for the last couple of years, using it on people only when the occasion calls.

Dallin Williams

Student photo
Dallin Williams is a marketing major from Utah with a love for all things outdoors. He is an experienced Google Ads and lead generation manager and he specializes in customer acquisition. He spends most of his free time learning new things and is currently seeing if he's capable of growing a garden with his wife. He's also an avid disco skater, mountain biker, and skier. When not outside exploring the world around him, Dallin can usually be found cooking up something wild at home!

Kamalanai Cummings

Student photo
Pono Cummings is a senior majoring in marketing and minoring in Hawaiian studies. Pono currently works as a freelance photographer as well as a marketing content specialist for the PCC. Pono loves hanging out with his friends and family. Pono's favorite pastime is going for long drives and singing car-karaoke. Pono's keychain artifact not only represents that love for long drives but also symbolically his optimism for life in searching for new doors (opportunities/experiences) in his life.

Kun Joo Cho

Student photo
Kun Joo Cho is from South Korea with degrees in marketing, supply chain, visual arts, web development, and enterprise business systems. Cho has full experience working with people from 40+ different countries, leadership, and team working. He plays with data collecting tools like Qualtrics, data visualization tools like DOMO, Canva, and tableau, and analyzing data tools like SQL. He is a photographer. Ready to work with you!

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Current Team Members

Maddy Rasmussen

Student picture
Maddy was raised in Hong Kong for six years and the rest in Utah. I moved to Hawaii to complete my bachelor's degree in business management marketing.

Everyone always says the marketing teams of every companies are the most fun, and full of the best people. I would definitely agree with that! I truly love marketing for the endless possibilities to be creative, explore new ideas, and meet people from all around the world. I am so excited to be working with bdigital.

Lydia Wilson

Student portrait
I have worked in many different areas of customer service and enjoy interacting with people. Born and raised in Fiji, I am fluent in three languages (Fijian, Hindi, and English) and I picked up the fourth one (Marshallese) when I was called to serve a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in the Marshall Islands. I have leadership skills and a positive mindset. I have enjoyed working as a nanny, tutor, Western Union agent, salesperson, security guard, cashier, and a young entrepreneur. I love marketing and am grateful to be a part of the team.

Braxton Davis

Student portrait
Hi, I’m Braxton Davis and I'm studying business management with an emphasis in marketing and a minor in French. I’m on the path to become a marketer and use my passion of languages, geography, and cultures to become a global marketer and lead an international business. I speak three languages, worked with people in more than 40 countries, and have learned to see things from many different perspectives. I have become very culturally aware and understanding of others. This has helped me build my international relationships with others as well as have a deeper love for our diverse world.

Yukina Moriya

Student Portrait
My favorite quote is, “This world is but a canvas to our imaginations.” I believe that each of us has a potential to make society into a more fun and meaningful place. This is why I like to try new things, and also like to see people being courageous. I was born and grew up in Japan, did a year of high school in Germany, and am now studying marketing in Hawaii. I am good at seeing events from diversified standpoints and giving critical suggestions.
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