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The Political Science Program aims to prepare future leaders and take part in David O. Mckay’s vision. The vision will be done by instructing the students majoring and minoring in the program to be leaders that will promote peace and find solutions to the long-standing problems in the Asia and Pacific Region. However, international students face challenges adjusting to a new learning environment, language barriers, and teaching methods that lead to higher rates of failing students.

In helping the department and the students, the Political Science Peer Mentoring Network was created in 2020 and aspires to help in holistic development, creating proactive measures for the students to achieve greater results. The program aims to help struggling, and adjusting students learn the different resources on campus, guide them early with their classes, expand their network, and cultivate a culture of learning to develop their abilities. The program was run by student mentors in the department with good academic standing, good management, and valuable skills. Mentees are expected to learn reading, writing, structure, and other skills that will serve as a foundation for them to have good academic standing.


The Political Science Peer Mentoring Network envisions creating a program that prepares students for their higher classes, to apply the concepts in their daily lives and find aid to reach their full potential through adapting skills, reading, and writing politically. Also, in the future, the program will be duplicated by other departments on campus to rescue potential students.


Our mission is to develop academic resilience and discipline, guidance, and network with professionals in their respective fields to foster success.


The goals and aims of the Peer Mentoring Network are to:

  • Proactively intervene on behalf of the students who have a considerable risk of failing their classes. 
  • Extend support to those who want to increase their knowledge and skills related to political science. 
  • Assists students to have effective time management, goal setting, and planning skills. 
  • Introduce them to the resources on campus such as teaching assistants (TA), the Center for Academic Success (CAS), the Counseling Services, and the Reading Writing Lab .
  • Create customized solutions to the problems of the mentees. 
  • Mold them to be holistically developed by setting spiritual, social, intellectual, and physical goals. 

The Mentors

Image of Valerie Agustin

Valerie Joy Agustin

Peer Mentor
Valerie was born in the Philippines and is double majoring in political science and accounting. She minors in foundational language, criminal justice, and legal studies. She wants to be a part of finding a solution to her country's long-standing problems, such as corruption and unemployment. She constantly expands her knowledge of Asian governments and international organizations. One of her goals is to work in the United Nations and help developing countries. In her spare time, she meditates at the beach, bothers her roommates, looks after children, loves caring for other people, and dreams about the future.
Image of Pim Suksuntiwijit

Pim Suksuntiwijit

Peer Mentor
Pim was born and raised in Thailand. She majors in political science with four minors in legal studies, French, criminal justice, and social work. She has great hope of becoming a judge and helps child victims of abuse. She wants to coordinate international organizations to spread awareness about domestic abuse. She also likes to hike, travel, spend time with her friends and explore new café in her free time. She is also working on helping fellow students achieving their academic goals and building lifelong connections in their field of study.

Former Mentors

  • John Lidang

    Rachel Akana

    Qudaela Taleni

Faculty Advisor

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