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Prelaw Society

The Prelaw Society at BYU–Hawaii

By Rachel Ouellet

Aloha! The Prelaw Society at BYU–Hawaii welcomes students from all majors who are interested in discovering if a future in the legal field will enable the highest expression of their intellect and interests after graduation. In order to help our Prelaw Society at BYU–Hawaii members determine if legal education and career is right for them, our student organization is dedicated to bringing students together in camaraderie to explore the legal landscape, embark on the path of legal education, and serve in executive leadership positions.

Exploring the Legal Landscape

Prelaw Society at BYU–Hawaii events and activities aim to expand our members' awareness by exploring contemporary legal issues, career paths, and networking with established professionals from diverse backgrounds who have expertise in traditional and emerging fields.

Guest Lecture Series

We have been privileged to hear from BYUH slumni, including Honolulu family court judge Bode Uale and attorney Kurt C. Faux. Additionally, BYU law school dean of admissions, Carl Hernandez continues to address our society each year during law week.

J. Reuben Clark Society Annual Fireside

The Prelaw Society at BYU–Hawaii has been invited to join the J. Reuben Clark Society Honolulu chapter to hear from Stephen R. Covey and Todd D. Christofferson. This annual event also allows members to meet and dialogue with local judges, attorneys, and recent law school graduates for potential internships, career guidance, and mentoring.

PreLaw Social Networking Group

The Prelaw Society at BYU–Hawaii Facebook group is a great way for members to keep their finger on the pulse of compelling legal discourse worldwide by sharing and discussing scholarly articles and video lectures from top universities and law schools. This tool is also the most efficient way to stay apprised of our law movie nights, law lunches, LSAT test preparation courses, and upcoming activities.

Embarking on the Path of Legal Education

Preparing students for the LSAT and law school admissions process are the super ordinate goals of our society as the LSAT is the strongest determinant of successful admission to law school.

LSAT Test Preparation

In collaboration with BYU in Provo and ACE Test Prep, LSAT courses are broadcast from Provo to our Laie campus. These sessions are interactive and taught by great trainers who help students understand the tools and strategies that will help them achieve the high scores needed to attend top law schools. The ACE LSAT DVD course is also made available to our Prelaw Society at BYU–Hawaii members and can be checked out from the library.

West Coast Consortium Law Fair

Prelaw Society at BYU–Hawaii members have gained immense educational direction by meeting and interacting with representatives from the West Coast Consortium of Law Schools that visit our campus each year.

BYU–Hawaii Law Week The lectures, mock law classes, and personal interviews with BYU in Provo law school dean of admissions, Carl Hernandez, are the most beneficial events that students interested in pursuing a legal career can attend. Dean Hernandez is not only inspiring as a law professor but has been instrumental in guiding many students to law school.

Visiting UH Law Classes Currently, our Prelaw Society at BYU–Hawaii is arranging for members to become more familiar with the life of a law school student by attending an actual first-year law class at the University of Hawaii.

Executive Leadership Opportunities

In keeping with the mission of Brigham Young University–Hawaii, which encourages graduates to become “leaders in their families, communities, and chosen professions,” regular elections are held to give students the opportunity to develop strong leadership experiences by lending their talents and service as officers in the Prelaw Society at BYU–Hawaii. We look forward to having you join our organization! Mahalo nui loa.

2016 Officers

Co-presidents: Ulziijargal Sukhbaatar and Christine Morte
Vice President of Events: Preston Coleman
Vice President of Communications: Eden Losana Tamaitaioleao Annandale
Secretary: Louell Jeanne Carman Lorzano
Prelaw Society at BYU–Hawaii Faculty Advisor: Jennifer Kajiyama,

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