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Supply Chain & Operations Management Club

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The purpose of the Supply Chain & Operations Management Club (SCOPE) is to assist students at BYU–Hawaii to gain a broader understanding of the opportunities, career paths, and current issues in supply chain and operations management.

SCOPE seeks to strengthen student’s networks internally and to provide opportunities to expand their network externally. SCOPE works toward assisting students in job and internship searches.


Because supply chain and operations are not only confined just to the manufacturing floor, SCOPE includes the following areas of interest:

  • Logistics and demand planner.
  • New product development.
  • Project management.
  • Service and manufacturing operations.
  • Six Sigma.
  • Supply chain management.
  • Global operations.
  • SAP.
image of 4 men and 1 woman in formal clothing

2019-2020 Club Officers

image of Oscar Ip

Hei Long (Oscar) Ip

image of Hyrum Castro

Hyrum Castro

Vice President of Operations
image of Alvin Oldem

Alvin Oldem

Vice President of Communications
A photo of Natsara Ruengurai wearing a white blouse smiling at the camera. Blurred green plants are visible in the background.

Natsara Ruengurai

Vice President of Events
image of Quinn Tolson

Quinn Tolson

Vice President of Finance