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Often called “the language of business.” If you would like to study a challenging field that is great preparation for a variety of business careers, consider Accounting. One of the advantages of the accounting major is that it provides specialized training which gives you immediately saleable skills. However, it also gives you general business knowledge, too, which is important for all business careers. BYU–Hawaii Accounting graduates have been accepted at the top graduate schools and employed in highly respectable jobs.

Quality Faculty

BYU–Hawaii Accounting Professors are well qualified in their fields. They are also committed to the university’s prophetic mission and your individual success. They welcome the opportunity to mentor and encourage you in your plans for the future. Trying to decide what to study? Consider studying accounting at BYU– Hawaii!

Quality Students

The diversity and success of students at BYU–Hawaii create a unique, rewarding place for educational experience.

Academic Advisor

Accounting Program Faculty

Brent White

Associate Professor
HGB 259