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Human Rights Organization

Our Mission

Our mission is focused on promoting the human rights standards constituted in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. We seek to raise understanding and awareness of civil liberties and to prepare students of BYUH to exercise leadership through the establishment of a worldwide environment where there is equal opportunity for all people, regardless of who they are or what they believe.


Our organization seeks to educate and empower BYUH students with the knowledge of human rights. The Human Rights Organization at BYU–Hawaii will work with students to:

  • Help communities understand the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and help each community understand how it affects them specifically.
  • Enable areas of the world that struggle with human rights awareness: Pacific Islands, Philippines, Micronesia, etc.
  • Establish human rights connections between BYUH and other international organizations
  • Conduct lectures and seminars that will stimulate human rights awareness for students staff at BYUH.
  • Offer practical work to various NGOs that also advocate equality, freedom, and other human rights.
  • Aid indigenous people throughout the world and research human rights laws that will protect them.
  • Provide career opportunities, volunteer services with United Nations, and possible internships in target locations.
  • Assist those offended by injustice by creating a channel for them to be heard with the knowledge of the laws in place for their protection.

Current Officers

Rishan Prasad


Elijah Ebert

Vice President (Career and Services)

Alexa Milad Utahia

Vice President (Activities)

Ainur Raikhan Ruben


Ofa Tahitu'a

Media Specialist

Lionel Funaki

Media Specialist

Valerie Joy Agustin

Communications Specialist

James Lagaaia


Benjamin Mitchell


Nameha Raiwalui

  • President: Vaianui Iro
    Vice President: Jone Temo

    Fall 2022 Semester
    President: Kauihelani Lesa
    Vice President (Activities): Siaganoa Tupai
    Vice President (Services): Soleisa Lasa
    Secretary: Qudaela Taleni
    Treasurer: Romika Kumar

Faculty Advisor

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