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Academic and Volunteer Opportunities

The Becket Fund offers undergrad internships, law student internships, constitutional law fellowships, and government affairs fellowships.

First Liberty Institute offers a one-year Judicial Fellowship designed for attorneys who have completed federal judicial clerkships and are looking for experience in First Amendment advocacy.

Alliance Defending Freedom offers a summer-long Christian-focused program. It starts with two weeks of lectures and discussions followed by an internship and ends with trainings. Note: a statement of faith is required to participate.

Interfaith Alliance offers both an undergraduate and policy internship.

Sources on Religious Freedom

Sources on Human Dignity

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Circle logo for the Religious Freedom & Human Dignity Initiative at BYU–H. Includes image of hands holding globe with olive sapling growing out of it.
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"Religion to me is simply the conviction that all human beings must hold some belief in a power greater than themselves, and that whatever their religious belief may be, it must move them to live better in this world and to approach whatever the future holds with serenity."
Elenor Roosevelt
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